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Visit a Local Eye Doctor Serving the Meadville & Greenville, PA Areas

Dr. Lonny C. Ware is a local eye doctor dedicated to
helping patients to see the world clearly.

Our team of eye care specialists is committed to delivering friendly, comprehensive eye care and serve Meadville, PA and the surrounding areas. We serve the varied needs of our patients, utilizing the latest technology and providing friendly, individualized care. 

At the office of Dr. Ware, we provide patient-focused eye care. From routine eye exams to our in-office optical shop, we can take care of your vision needs. We know eyes, and we’ll take good care of yours. 

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Schedule an Eye Exam Today to Maintain Your Eye Health

Normally eye doctors recommend having your eyes checked at least once a year, but sometimes getting more than one eye exam a year is necessary. There are several circumstances that might require you to schedule an additional eye exam with our eye doctors in the Meadville and Greenville, PA areas. 

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, give Dr. Lonny C. Ware a call as soon as possible to get your eyes looked at:
  • Dry, red, or itchy eyes or if you're seeing spots or floaters
  • You've forgotten when your last eye exam was
  • If you have diabetes or another health condition that affects your eyes or a family history of eye problems
  • You notice any changes in your vision, particularly after experiencing an accident or head trauma
  • If you experience frequent headaches or eye strain or sit in front of a computer screen for extend periods of time
  • If driving at night becomes very difficult, including seeing street signs and signals in the dark
  • You get motion sick or have trouble following a moving target
  • Hold books or newspaper either too close to or too far away from your face and still have a hard time seeing the text.

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  • Pennsylvania Optometric Association

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  • Northwest Optometric Society
  • Contact Lens Section of American Optometric Association 

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