Children’s Eye Exams

Eye Exams for Children and Adults in the Meadville & Greenville, PA Areas

Children’s Vision 1 – 3 – 5 

Children’s Vision 1 – 3 – 5 reminds parents that children need to have an eye examination from their optometrist BEFORE AGE 1, at AGE 3, and AGE 5 before entering the first grade. The earlier that vision issues are detected in a child, the more responsive the visual system will be to treatment. By having your child’s vision tested, you will be ensuring that he or she has the best possible vision skills to learn. 

Eye exams are very important because 25% of children in elementary school and 5-10% of preschoolers have eye issues, When you want the best eye exam doctor in Greenville, PA, look no further than Dr. Lonny C. Ware. He can diagnose your child's problem after a thorough eye exam and start treatment for this issues their facing. 

Children need their eyes checked because they need good eyesight to do most of the things that they need to learn in school. Help you child see, read and learn better by scheduling an eye exam with our experts serving Meadville, PA and Greenville, PA. Children's eyes are always changing so it is important to schedule your annual eye exam. Kids may be timid when it comes to seeing the eye doctor by Dr. Lonny C. Ware makes it easy and fun. 

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The Exam Before Age One
The American Optometric Association and Pennsylvania Optometric Association recommends that a child should have his/her first eye exam by an optometrist at the age of six months. This is because the early detection of eye diseases and abnormalities can help to prevent lifelong effects. During this exam, we will examine the eyes for disease, structure development, and for possible signs of amblyopia, crossed-eyes, and other focusing problems.

The Exam at Age Three
At this age, your child’s visual acuity and eye health will be assessed. We will evaluate eye movement skills, focusing, and binocular vision skills, which is the ability of the two eyes to work together as a team. The eyes will be checked for signs of amblyopia, which is the most responsive to treatment if diagnosed by the age of three. 

The Exam at Age Five
At the age of five, your child should be examined to determine his/her readiness of vision skills for school. It is estimated that 10 percent of children have a significant need for eyeglasses to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Approximately 15 percent suffer from poor vision skills – focusing, eye alignment, or other eye movement skills. Sending your son or daughter to school with an undetected vision problem can lead to difficulty with learning and frustration in school.

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School Eye Exams near Meadville, PA

Do children’s school vision screenings substitute for a comprehensive vision exam by an optometrist? 

No, the purpose of a school vision screening is to detect gross visual problems to determine if there is an immediate need for a comprehensive vision exam. All children should have regular comprehensive vision exams. Good vision is about more than just having 20/20 sight, and it involves critical visual skills such as eye teaming, clear and sustained near vision, tracking, focusing, and accurate eye-hand coordination. 

How often should your child have his/her eyes examined? 

The American Optometric Association and the Pennsylvania Optometric Association recommend the following guidelines for the frequency of child vision exams: 

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  • Age 6 months
  • Age 3 years 

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  • Before entering first grade
  • Every two years thereafter

*Your optometrist will recommend appropriate schedules for children with visual issues. 

In correspondence with the Kids Welcome Here Campaign, our eye doctors are dedicated to ensuring that children have the best possible vision and vision skills to use in their education years and future lives. It is the goal of the Kids Welcome Here campaign to increase public awareness that infants and children deserve to have regular comprehensive vision examinations. Call today!

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